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Many patients looking to have a slimmer, smoother abdomen will inquire whether a tummy tuck or liposuction would be the better option for them. A private consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hagarty is the best way to assess which procedure would most effectively achieve their goals.

Some of the factors we’ll discuss during our initial appointment together are:
-Your skin quality.
-Muscle tone.
-The presence of any excess, protruding fat tissue.

These issues can vary widely among each patient depending on genetics, age, exercise, dieting habits and whether the patient has had children. A Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL might be the right procedure for you if you have excess skin or stretched-out abdominal wall muscles. After experiencing significant weight loss or following a pregnancy, previously firm abdominal muscles can loosen. Even to the point where they separation occurs. A tummy tuck can provide the opportunity for muscle tightening that strengthens the abdominal wall in addition to removal of excess skin.

Liposuction is an appropriate option for addressing excess abdominal fat or other localized areas of fat on the body. Because the procedure doesn’t address excess skin or lax muscles, patients should have adequate muscle tone and skin elasticity to maintain newly shaped body contours.

Liposuction with a Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL

For women who wish to correct lax skin and muscle separation along with excess fat in the midsection, both of these procedues may be the solution. Dr. Hagarty evaluates on an individual basis to determine if liposuction and tummy tuck can be performed at the same time or as separate procedures.
In younger patients in good general health, a combined procedure might be possible and minimizes healing time. For many others, a staged strategy may be more advisable for reduction of surgical trauma and bleeding.

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A Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL generally provides the following results:

-A firmer abdominal shape that may have been weakened due to pregnancy or the aging process.
-Significant reduction of sagging abdominal skin.
-Reduction of abdominal fat that is resistant to dieting and routine exercise.
-Contours the abdomen so it looks more proportionate to the rest of the body’s shape.
-A Tummy Tuck Geneva IL simply gives you greater confidence to wear a wider variety of clothes – not to mention bathing suits too!

Alternatives to the Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL

Dr. Hagery can also perform a mini-tuck, which is also known as a partial abdominoplasty. This procedure involves separating the skin from the incision marks up to the navel. This serves to tighten the connective tissues over the muscle. Next, your plastic surgeon extends the skin flap downward and removes excess skin tissue. The outcome is a sculpted, tighter midsection that has smaller incisions. A mini-tuck typically requires less recuperation time than a conventional Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL.

Although a Tummy Tuck Winnebago County IL can be done on an outpatient basis, many patients choose to stay overnight for extra rest and care following the surgery. This cosmetic procedure is typically performed with the patient receiving general anesthesia and takes about three hours. Any discomfort following a tummy tuck is commonly managed with local anesthesia and medications. Surgical drains are usually in place for several days. It’s advisable for patients to wear a compression garment in order to control swelling and help promote the natural healing process. The majority of patients return to light activities within about two weeks. Strenuous physical activity is not advisable for about six to eight weeks to allow healing.

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