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There are a variety of different tummy tuck procedures. They range from a relatively minor removal of sagging skin to an extended procedure where the whole abdominal region is tightened. Some of these different procedures are:

-The mini Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL. Ideal for patients with fat deposits mostly limited to the area below the navel, this procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis and leaves the belly button in its original place. The fat below the navel is removed and the muscles from the navel to the pubic area are tightened

-Complete tummy tuck. During this cosmetic surgical procedure, your plastic surgeon creates a new belly button and also tightens the muscles from the lower chest area to the pubic area. The resulting minor scar usually extends from hip to hip. Often this procedure is performed along with liposuction to get optimal results.

-Extended tummy tuck. Usually conducted for obese patients who have a large amount of extra fat and hanging skin. In order to result in an improved body contour, the scar should extend past the hip towards the back. In this procedure, Dr. Hagarty tightens the abdominal muscles and creates a new belly button.

-Circumferential tummy tuck. Typically performed on a patient who has lost significant amounts of weight and fat, often following a gastric bypass surgery. To create an appealing contour for this type of Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL, the scar will extend all the way around the waistline. This allows your cosmetic surgeon to lift the outer thigh and buttock for a shapelier look.

The Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL Procedure

This type of cosmetic surgery is generally performed under “light” general anesthetic that causes the patient to fall asleep. This method presents optimal operating conditions while providing the patient with comfort and safety.

A full tummy tuck usually takes roughly two to three hours, depending upon the extent of the procedure. A mini Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL can take around one or two hours. There are generally two incisions involved in these types of cosmetic surgeries. The abdominal skin is lifted up to reveal the underlying tissues and abdominal muscle. In doing this the naval must be preserved by applying a second incision around the belly button in order to free it from the surrounding tissues. Once the abdominal skin is raised, the abdominal muscles are tightened.

Suturing the abdominal muscles closer together tightens the area while also narrowing the waistline. Stretch marks will be removed along with excess skin if feasible. However, stretch marks on remaining abdominal skin can’t be removed. The skin flap is moved downwards and the fat and extra skin is removed.

The skin flap at this point is ready to be closed. Prior to doing so, a tiny incision is made on the flap and the naval is brought through the abdominal skin for repositioning. In addition, drains might be placed to collect any fluids that collect inside the body following the surgery. Drains are usually taken out approximately one week after the cosmetic surgery. Once the skin flap is closed and sutured, the tummy tuck is concluded. Liposuction can be performed at the same time as a Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL.

For a mini Tummy Tuck Cost Rockford IL procedure, for instance, incisions are generally not as long and the navel might or might not be relocated. The skin is separated only between the incision line and navel, with the skin flap stretched downward, excess skin removed, and the flap sutured back into place. The length of the incision – as with many cosmetic surgeries – depends upon the patient’s particular skin characteristics and anatomy.