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Our clinic in Rockford offers a wide selection of surgical and non-surgical solutions that help women look and feel their best: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Botox, dermal fillers, tummy tucks and more. Please check out our site and discover the many solutions we provide that can rejuvenate your appearance and boost your overall confidence!

-Facelift. Reverse the signs of aging with a facelift. A Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL lifts the skin of the cheek and neck upward and backward to correct sagging skin and jowls. Among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, a facelift can yield excellent results that takes years off your appearance.

-Eyelid surgery. To remove excess fatty tissue from the skin and muscle around the eyelids, eyelid surgery brightens and refreshes the face.

-Breast augmentation: A Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL that enlarges or reshapes the breasts. (See more information on this procedure at the bottom of the post.) Sometimes this procedure is done in combination with a:

-Breast lift. Helps achieve a younger-looking breast line for a more proportional, defined figure. – Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL

-Breast reduction. A breast surgery intended for women with breasts that are uncomfortably large.

-Breast reconstruction. A procedure for women who have had a breast removed resulting from cancer or other disease. This technique permits your surgeon to develop a new breast that closely resembles the form and shape of a natural breast.

-Botox injections. A popular outpatient procedure, Botox is an injectable treatment that corrects minor lines and wrinkles. It can also provide relief for people who suffer from migraine headaches.

-Juvederm XC. A gel dermal filler that can instantly minimize fine facial wrinkles around the mouth and nose. With just a single application, patients can attain a sleek, natural-looking results that can last up to a year.

-Radiesse dermal filler. For correcting facial wrinkles and lines to restore a youthful countenance in convenient, easy treatments. Radiesse Dermal Filler is a safe treatment that lasts while filling in and correcting smile lines and facial wrinkles.

-Microdermabrasion. Non-surgical skin treatment that diminishes skin irregularities by removing the uppermost layer of the skin. Performed by light abrasion with aluminum oxide crystals.

-Chemical peel. Improves skin texture by use of a chemical solution to evens out and improves overall facial structure by removal of damaged layers.

-Spider vein removal. If you’d like to remove your spider veins and improve your overall appearance, Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL can help with this fairly common issue with safe techniques.
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Breast augmentation may be the right cosmetic surgery for you if:

-You want to enhance your general appearance and you feel your breasts are too small. Or, if your breasts are not equal in size and this affects how you’re able to dress or the kind of bra you need for support. Breast augmentation can be an effective way to correct asymmetry.
-You’re goal is to reduce your breast size following a pregnancy or if you have lost a lot of weight.
-Correction of uneven breasts due to surgery for another medical condition.
-Enhance your self-esteem and gain more confidence in your body image.

Whether you are considering breast augmentation or any other of the options available at our Rockford facility, the first step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hagarty. At your initial consultation with the doctor, you’ll discuss your goals for Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL. In addition, we will review your medical history and help you determine which kind of procedure may be the right one for you. Plastic Surgery Near Me Winnebago County IL