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The nose job – officially known as called rhinoplasty – is one of the most recognized cosmetic surgical options in the industry. By selecting this procedure, patients not only improve the aesthetic appeal of their nose, but also improve their overall look. When you first consult with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sarah Hagary, you’ll learn a lot of helpful information about rhinoplasty. The doctor will explain its benefits and help you decide if it’s a good option for you. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for getting rhinoplasty. This is why consultation and a discussion of your cosmetic goals is so important.

Ideal candidates for a Nose Job Near Me Rockford IL are women in adequate health who don’t have any medical conditions that could make facial surgery a risky endeavor. It’s important that anyone who chooses to proceed with rhinoplasty does so for their own valid reasons. Naturally, most women who select rhinoplasty do it for the simple reason that they dissatisfied with the way their nose looks and would like to make a change.

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Rhinoplasty may take anywhere from one hour to four hours or more. This depends on how involved the procedure is going to be and can vary for each patient. Recuperation time and the final outcome may also differ for each patient.

The first step in determining if rhinoplasty is a possibility for you and what you want to accomplish through cosmetic surgery is to consult with Dr. Hagarty and the team at our facilities in Rockford. In the event that rhinoplasty isn’t right for your situation, there are many other excellent solutions we offer that can help you attain your cosmetic goals.

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Rhinoplasty is a safe and effective procedure that gets wonderful results whether the patient wants to change the size and shape of their nose or if they have suffered an injury. If a rhinoplasty is something you’re considering, here’s a few fast facts to consider:

-The results of rhinoplasty are not always apparent right away. Because it is, in fact, a surgery, there’s a considerable amount of healing to take place after a rhinoplasty. Inflammation and some bruising will be noticeable during the weeks after the procedure. Even when inflammation diminishes, the nose you see in the mirror might still not represent what you envisioned. This is normal – rhinoplasty final results may take as much as one year to become fully realized. Improvements come along gradually and for some patients the final outcome shows sooner than one year. – Nose Job Near Me Rockford IL

Fortunately, once the nose heals the results are permanent – you’ll enjoy your refreshed and younger look for years to come!

-Revision surgery is not uncommon and for some patients there’s a possibility that it may be required. This depends on factors individual to each patient and would be addressed at our private consultation together.

-On occasion, patients will bring in a picture of a favorite celebrity as an example of a nose or other facial feature they’d like to replicate. Even if it was possible to duplicate, the patient’s new nose would still appear different because of how it relates to other facial features. Cosmetic surgery is intended to enhance your own natural beauty, not mimic someone else’s features. Instead, it may be helpful to look at photos of women with noses you find appealing to get a general sense of what you like and dislike about your own nose. There’s no problem with bringing along photos to your private consultation providing you understand they’re a general guideline only.