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Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL

Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL

Your nose is a primary facial feature and plays a significant role in how you feel about your appearance. For instance, a nose that does not quite seem to match with the other areas of your face – perhaps you feel it’s too small, too large or disproportionally shaped – may lead to feelings of self-consciousness about your physical appearance.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sarah Hagarty has helped many patients attain a nose that is a “better fit” with Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL known as rhinoplasty. With each Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL, Dr. Hagarty enhances the patient’s facial features along with a well-balanced nose that preserves a beautiful, natural appearance. The rhinoplasty procedure integrates form with function to not only improve appearance but improve breathing, too. Some patients choose to combine Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL with abdominoplasty that includes a tummy tuck and liposuction for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Dr. Hagarty is experienced in various Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL techniques, and treats each patient with individualized approach. Because the objectives and features of patient are distinct, each surgical procedure is also unique. During your initial consultation with Dr. Hagarty, you’ll discuss your cosmetic goals and create a custom treatment strategy centered around your own distinct features. You’ll be asked about your personal medical history and any injuries you may have had so that the doctor can create a plan that is best for you. This type of surgery can be for cosmetic purposes, or for reconstructive reasons to correct specific problems. Some of the benefits to rhinoplasty are:

Improves Breathing
Rhinoplasty can address structural issues within the nose that impede breathing. A deviated septum, for example, is among those issues. The tissue in between nasal passages, the septum can cause one of the passages to be too small if it is crooked. In some cases that involve a deviated septum, it can even obstruct the nasal passage almost completely. It can also result in recurring sinus infections or nosebleeds.

Repair an Injury
The nose, due to its central location, is the facial bone that typically gets broken the most frequently due to falls, accidents or athletic injuries. A reconstructive rhinoplasty can mitigate deformities resulting from an injury.

Rhinoplasty can also help in the treatment of chronic sinusitis or sinus inflammation. When the sinuses are obstructed and become filled with fluid, it creates an environment that can attract bacteria and lead to infections. If a patient struggles with chronic sinusitis, or it keeps recurring, the surgeon will evaluate them for any structural problems within the nose. There are some malformations of the nasal passageways that are the result of birth defects. The removal of them as part of a rhinoplasty surgery can not only improve appearance, but also improve the patient’s ability to breathe comfortable through their nose.

Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL

Minimize Snoring
Snoring can be a serious problem that causes sleep disruption and fatigue, It is even cited as a common cause of marital conflicts. In some cases, couples end up sleeping in separate rooms when one of them snores excessively. Structural problems in the nose – such as a deviated septum – can be a cause of snoring. Nose Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL can effectively restore more comfortable breathing and help reduce snoring.

Improves Appearance
Research indicates that people tend to look at the eyes initially and then the nose. Since it is such a prominent facial feature, the nose will naturally draw attention for better or worse A proportionate, straight nose generally adds to a person’s appeal, while a crooked or disproportionate nose can have the opposite reaction.