Liposuction Rockford IL

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Liposuction is generally suitable for patients who are within 30 percent of average body weight for their age and who have pockets of fat resistant to exercise and dietary efforts. Frequently recommended for the hips and abdominal regions, liposuction can also improve the contours of the back, legs, face and arms. Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that sculpts the body through the removal of fat. Optimal results are seen in younger patients who have healthy skin tone, but liposuction can be performed on women of all ages.

The many benefits of Liposuction Rockford IL include:

-Elimination of fatty deposits that effect your body’s contour
-You’ll better in your favorite clothes and be able to try other clothing styles too.
-A streamlined body profile and the look of lost weight in treated areas.

Most Liposuction Rockford IL on an outpatient basis, so you’ll be free to go back home on the same day. General anesthesia or sedative may be used based on the size of the treated area and personal preference. Liposuction usually takes around one to three hours.

The Procedure

Your surgeon makes very small incisions in order to insert a narrow tubing called a cannula straight into the areas of fat deposits. Differently-sized cannulas allow your surgeon to make adjustments as part of the procedure to accommodate different areas. The cannula loosens fat cells and then suctions them away via an attached vacuuming device. Because the incisions are tiny, sutures are not necessary and result in very minimal postoperative scarring.

Recovering from Liposuction

After liposuction, patients receive a compression garment to wear that reduces swelling and improves circulation in the treated areas. Typically, it is recommended that the garment remains in position for a week after liposuction. Continued wearing of the garment is suggested for another few weeks to help shape the treated area.

Most Liposuction Rockford IL patients are able to stand and walk with ease shortly after the surgery. Positive results are noticeable right away and will continue to improve while the healing process continues. Call our facilities today and learn more about this very effective cosmetic procedure that will trim your waistline and make you look years younger!