Facelift Rockford IL

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Considering a Facelift Rockford IL? Here are a few facts about the procedure that can refresh your appearance and restore your feelings of self-confidence:

A Facelift Rockford IL results in a dramatic improvement to your facial appearance. Long gone are the days of the “pulled back” look from decades ago. Back then, plastic surgeons would simply pull facial skin back and trim away the excess. The procedure actually repositions the deeper structures of the face for long-lasting results that take years off your appearance by:

-Lifting and tightening the jawline and reducing jowls.
-Tightening up sagging, loose skin on the neck.
-Improves and adds definition to the neck and face.

Facelift Rockford IL

A Facelift Rockford IL focuses on the lower part of the face as opposed to features in the middle, around the eyes or on the forehead. Some patients who opt to have a Facelift Rockford IL but also want to improve these other signs of aging may elect to have another procedure such as a brow lift at the same time. Two procedures at once may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite common and gets great results. Plus, it’s a smart way to blend two recovery periods into just one!

Facelifts do not address nasolabial folds or age spots. Those are surface skin issues that have to be resolved with treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peel, Botox injections or dermal filler treatments. If you’re considering pairing your procedure with another procedure to reduce nasolabial folds, lines and wrinkles, we can discuss the possibilities at our consultation together.

During this procedure, your plastic surgeon will make small incisions to access the deeper structural layers of the face, which is then pulled into a tighter and higher position. The length of the incisions is related to two issues: the “size” of the lift and the length of the recovery period. Smaller incisions generally mean a less dramatic overall change to the face and less downtime. While slightly longer incisions do increase the needed recovery time, they also allow for a higher degree of tightening and, therefore, far more significant improvements to the lower face area and neck.