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Before Eyelid Surgery Near Rockford IL, patients typically have a physical examination that may include a test of teardrop production and measurements of their eyelids. Dr. Hagarty may also examine your peripheral vision, which would likely be required in support of an insurance claim.

In addition, photographs of your eyes may be taken from a variety of angles. These photos are important in planning for the surgery and evaluating its long-term effects.

-What you can expect before your procedure. It’s important to make plans for a friend or relative to give you a ride home from our facility after your Eyelid Surgery Near Me Rockford IL. It’s also advisable to have someone stay with you for the first night afterwards too.

To help you relax and minimize discomfort during your Eyelid Surgery Near Me Rockford IL, which is usually performed in an outpatient setting, a numbing medication will be injected into your eyelids. In addition, you might also receive an intravenous medication. If the surgery is to be done on both your upper and lower lids, the upper lid is typically treated first.

After your plastic surgeon applies an incision along the fold of the lid, excess skin, muscle and possibly fat is removed and then the incision is closed. On the bottom eyelid, an incision is made just under the lashes along the eye’s natural crease or, in some cases, inside the lower eyelid. Like with the upper eyelid, excess fat, muscle and sagging skin is removed and then the incision is closed.

Following Eyelid Surgery Near Me Rockford IL

After your surgery you’ll spend some time in our facility’s comfortable recovery room, where you’ll be checked for complications. Later that day you’ll be all set to go home and continue resting. After surgery patients typically experience some temporary:

-Blurry vision from the lubricating ointment applied to your eyes.
-Watery eyes, sensitivity to bright light.
-Puffy eyelids
-Inflammation and minor bruising much like having black eyes.
-Some discomfort.

After the surgery, the following steps are helpful for minimizing pain and speeding the recovery process:

-Apply ice packs over your for ten minutes per hour during the night after surgery. The next day, apply ice packs four to five times during the day.

-Gently cleanse your eyelids and apply prescribed eyedrops or medications.

-Avoid heavy lifting, swimming or strenuous activity for at least one week.

-Do not rub your eyes.

-If you are a contact lense wearer, don’t put them in for approximately two weeks after Eyelid Surgery Near Me Rockford IL.

-Wear sunglasses to give protection as your eyelids heal.

-At bedtime, prop your head up with extra pillows.

-For the first week or so after the procedure, it is suggested that you do not take aspirin, Advil, and other medications that may increase risk of bleeding.

Generally, slight bruising and puffiness subsides within two weeks, which is usually when most patients are ready to resume their daily routines. Scarring from the surgical incisions may take a few months to completely fade. Take extra caution to shield your delicate new eyelid skin from too much exposure to the sun.

Many patients express total satisfaction with the results of their Eyelid Surgery Near Me Rockford IL. They appear better rested, youthful and more self-confident. For some patients the positive results of this effective procedure last for a lifetime, while others may experience a recurrence of droopy eyelids to some degree.

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