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Breast Augmentation

Selecting a breast implant that’s right for you is critical for the success of a breast augmentation. It’s important to carefully review the options available and consider how they may fulfill your cosmetic goals. At your consultation at our Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL facility, we’ll go over helpful information about breast augmentation with you. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision. Some of the additional issues we’ll review include your medical history and your general health. We’ll also request information about any prescription medications you’re taking.

Some of the factors to consider with breast augmentation include:

-The size of the breast implants.
-Whether the best type of breast implants for you is saline or silicone.
-If the shape of the implants for your augmentation will be round or tear drop shape?
-If the implants will feature textured or smooth shells?

Your Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL expert will recommend which size implant would be right for your goals and your body.

Botox provides a temporary solution to moderate and even severe facial lines that develop between the eyebrows. They can also reduce lines on the forehead as well as crow’s feet. Botox accomplishes by minimizing the contractions of facial muscles. Your surgeon injects Botox directly into your skin to temporarily stop muscle activity. After treatment, you’ll begin to see those wrinkles get much less noticeable. Consequently, it rejuvenates your face for more youthful, brighter appearance.

A facelift is usually done as an outpatient Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL. It typically involves either application of local anesthetic, a general anesthesia or an intravenous sedative. A facelift usually takes between two and five hours. The patient is typically ready to go home within one or two hours after the surgery.

In most facelifts, your cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in front of your ear. This incision goes upward, following your hairline. Next, the surgeon raises the skin tissue away from the facial muscles. The surgeon trims away excess skin and in some procedures may tighten deep facial tissues. Another incision might be made beneath the chin tighten the neck tissues. The incisions are shut with sutures or surgical staples. The incisions made by the ears usually not easily visible. Your surgeon might place a drain under the skin behind the ear to remove excess fluid.

In general, a facelift restores a more youthful appearance by correcting signs of aging by:

-Minimizes sagging cheeks, rejuvenates the jaw line.
-Removes and tightens drooping, sagging skin tissue.
-Lifts the corners and tissues around the mouth.
-Reduces frown lines between the lips and cheeks.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyes that appear youthful and energetic are part of an overall appealing countenance. Alternatively,
eyes that constantly appear sleepy or stressed can present an image of irritability and tiredness. While the look of the eyes can depend upon emotion, other factors like genetics play an important role as well. Consequently, many women as they age may observe that their eyes aren’t as vibrant due to lines and
wrinkles. Also, excess fat and skin tissue on the eyelids can cause a tired appearance. While drooping eyelids are often an unavoidable result of aging, eyelid surgery offers an effective way to restore vitality.

To be considered as potential candidate for the eyelid surgery, you’ll need to be:

-In generally good state of health with no eye condition that could prohibit eyelid surgery.
-Looking for an effective solution to drooping eyelids or bags beneath your eyes.

Contact our Cosmetic Surgery Rockford IL facility to schedule a consultation with our staff. After discussing your cosmetic goals, we can recommend which procedures might be right for you.