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A gel-like substance, cosmetic fillers are injected directly under the patient’s skin. They serve to enhance the shape of the patient’s face through the restoration of lost volume. In addition, cosmetic fillers diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin. Without a doubt, cosmetic fillers are one of the most effective and popular facial rejuvenation treatments.

Some of the remarkable benefits of Cosmetic Fillers Rockford IL include:

-Immediate and noticeable results. After you receive a dermal filler injection, the improvements to the contours of your face will be apparent right away. You won’t need to wait to see the outcome of the dermal treatment as is often the case with other procedures.

Dermal (cosmetic) fillers add volume to the face, which decreases wrinkles and lines in the skin. As the filler substance settles underneath the skin, the complete effect becomes visible in a few days.

-No downtime. Depending upon the number of filler injections you’re receiving, a session can be as brief as 20 minutes. Certainly, it’s a procedure that you can schedule for your lunch break. You’ll be able to resume your daily routine without worry.

Because Cosmetic Fillers Rockford IL are noninvasive, there’s no need to schedule time off from work. Since it does not involve surgery, there no risk of post-operative scarring as well. Some patients do experience minor swelling right after they get the injections. This usually goes away over the following few days while the gel settles in place.

-Low risk. Cosmetic Fillers Rockford IL carry a minor risk of mild redness and bruising at the injection point. These side effects gradually vanish within a day or two.

Contact our Rockford facility to learn more and to schedule a consultation. If you’re searching for a way to rejuvenate your facial appearance, cosmetic fillers offer a convenient solution.