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Chemical peels are a very effective means for healthy, deep exfoliation that significantly revitalizes and brightens skin complexion. The term “chemical peel” is a general one that basically refers to all types of exfoliation that applies chemicals rather than scrubs. Chemical peel treatments at our Plastic, Reconstructive, Cosmetic & Wellness Clinic are personalized for the client and can vary in strength from mild to more aggressive. The type of chemical peel that is right for you is based upon your own personal skin concerns and your tolerance for recovery time. Our facility in Rockford provides a selection of chemical peels effective for a range of skin conditions and types.

Chemical Peel Winnebago County IL can treat a wide range of skin concerns, including:

-Wrinkles and fine lines.
-Acne scarring.
-Brown spots.
-Dry, rough skin patches.

These effective chemical peels can be adjusted in terms of strength and type for patients who might prefer a milder alternative to laser treatments. Or, for patients who desire a stronger treatment with visible results who are not averse to spending a day or two recuperating. Milder chemical peels don’t require downtime, but may call for multiple treatments for optimal results. In each case, it is important to avoid sun exposure. Chemical peels eliminate deadened skin cells that can accumulate and lead to areas of rough skin. The refresh new skin resulting from the peel is sensitive and should be treated carefully.

We consult with each of our clients to not only identify the right type of Chemical Peel Winnebago County IL for their type of skin and their lifestyle demands, but also to develop a long-range skin care strategy that preserves the positive results of the peel. This strategy will typically include application of sunscreen and specialized moisturizing products.

A Chemical Peel Winnebago County IL might not be the right treatment for someone who has:

-Abnormal scarring of skin tissue.
-A naturally darker skin tone or complexion.
-A high degree of pigmentation on their scars.
-Been using certain treatments for acne within the past year.
-Takes medication or has a skin condition that makes their skin have more sensitivity than normal.

A light Chemical Peel Winnebago County IL may be the right treatment for you if have:

-Fine facial wrinkles.
-Uneven pigmentation.
-Areas of dry, patchy skin.

This type of Chemical Peel Winnebago County IL removes only the outermost skin layer via mild exfoliation to result in a healthy, vibrant glow.

For deep facial wrinkles, acne scarring and uneven areas of skin tone, a medium chemical peel may be a good solution for you. The chemicals your plastic surgeon applies for this kind of peel removes skin cells from the outer skin layer as well as the upper part of the skin’s middle layer.

If your skin shows signs of damage from sun exposure, has deep lines, wrinkles and blotchy areas, a deep peel may be most effective.

For a deep peel, your plastic surgeon typically uses a strong chemical that can penetrate to the skin’s lower layers. In some procedures, the surgeon will administer a local anesthetic along with a sedative to prevent discomfort.

A deep peel frequently will entail some form of preparation treatment a few weeks in advance, which helps support healing after the peel.

This might for some patients include applying certain creams or gels that contain vitamin A to help thin the skin’s outer layer and allow the chemical peel to penetrate consistently.

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