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Breast reduction surgery is an option for women whose breasts aren’t just a cosmetic issue, but also a cause of discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders. Also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction involves removing fat and skin tissue in the breasts and reconstructing them to a smaller size determined by the patient and cosmetic surgeon. With improvements in techniques over the years, recuperation time after breast reduction has been reduced. But when it comes to resuming exercise routines, it can take an extended period of time to assure that chest tissues have adequate time to heal.

Women will often seek breast reduction surgery for reasons that range from medical problems to ongoing discomfort. If you’re considering the procedure but are not sure if it’s the solution you need, here are some signs you could benefit from Breast Reduction Surgery Rockford IL:

-Neck and back pain. If you continually experience sharp pains around your shoulders and neck, it may be the result of large breasts. Without an assessment and treatment, the pain can become chronic and impact your ability to perform routine activities. In some cases, pain from overly large breasts may even cause numbness in the hands and feet. Many women who have large breasts choose Breast Reduction Surgery Rockford IL to manage the chronic pain.

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-Poor posture. This is another common problem relating to large breasts, which may steadily worsen over time. Bad posture frequently lead to spinal problems and pain. If your breasts are affecting your posture, Breast Reduction Surgery Rockford IL may be right for you.

-Difficult to exercise. Regular exercise is a critical component of general wellness. However, if your breasts are preventing you from exercising because they limit your movements, breast reduction may be something to consider.

-It’s a challenge to find clothes that properly fit. Many women with excessively large breasts experience difficulty finding tops that are a comfortable fit. A reduction can resolve this issue and open up new possibilities when it comes to clothes and personal style.

-Interested in rejuvenating your appearance. Even though some women may develop larger breasts when they’re younger, many develop a large chest after pregnancy or gaining weight.

There’s no benefit to living uncomfortably with sagging, large breasts as you age. Consult with a cosmetic surgeon about how Breast Reduction Surgery Rockford IL can replenish your youthful appearance.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

Exercise is not advised for at least two weeks after breast reduction surgery because it can raise the risk of bleeding and inflammation. After a few weeks, start talking walks for some mild exercise and to help burn some calories. Since walking doesn’t put extra strain on the chest wall, it’s usually a safe exercise at this point in recovery.

After talking with your physician in a follow up appointment, it’s typically okay to go back to the fitness activities you did before your surgery. Begin with low-impact activities such as elliptical machine or stationary bicycle work outs. Stop the activity if you experience discomfort or inflammation with exercise.

Exercises to Avoid Following Breast Reduction Surgery Rockford IL

Until you’re certain your chest tissue is thoroughly healed, it’s best to avoid any exercises that could disrupt the chest wall. Aerobics like swimming or running can be too strenuous for breast tissue that’s still healing and cause discomfort after reduction surgery. Chest-strengthening exercises also can put too much stress on the body and should be avoided for one to two months at least after surgery.

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