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Attractive breasts are about much more than just a matter of measurements. A proficient cosmetic surgeon can create a more appealing, proportional shape using leading techniques personalized to each patient’s distinctive needs and preferences. Read on for some fundamental information on Breast Lift Rockford IL and how it may be the right surgical solution for you.

The Basics of Breast Lift Rockford IL?

A breast lift is a popular surgical procedure that rejuvenates sagging, drooping breast to a firmer and more appealing shape. This not only will enhance a patient’s appearance by bringing back younger, more defined proportions but it also helps bras and swimsuits fit and look better too.

Part of this procedure requires the removal of stretched, extra skin in order to reshape the breast tissue while also raising the nipple and areola for shapelier breast contour. Stretched, enlarged areolas can also be decreased during Breast Lift Rockford IL surgery to result in better proportioned, more natural-looking breasts.

Some of the reasons our patients select this Breast Lift Rockford IL procedure:

-To regain breast contour following pregnancy and breastfeeding. For many women, having children can result in some changes to their breasts that leave them stretched or sagging. A Breast Lift Rockford IL can help counter these common changes and restore a shape that is more cosmetically pleasing.

-To reshape their breast contour following a major weight loss. Because losing a lot of weight frequently results in lost breast volume, a Breast Lift Rockford IL restores proportion by the removal of excess skin tissue.

-To benefit from breasts with a beautiful, firm shape. Some breast lift patients have had sagging breasts since their teen years. With the amazing results of breast lift surgery patients can attain the breast profile they’ve always wanted.

Good Candidates for a Breast Lift:

Naturally, the best way of confirming whether or not this procedure may be right for you is to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Hagarty and the staff at our facility. There are some issues to take into account that can help you determine if a breast lift will improve the shape of your breasts.

-As skin located at the base of the breasts tends to stretch or sag due to aging and gravity, the weight of breast tissue will gradually pull the nipples downward. A Breast Lift Rockford IL will reposition the tissue to a more uplifted position with the nipples facing forward instead.

-Are you satisfied with your breast size and appearance when you’re wearing a bra? While a Breast Lift Rockford IL will not substantially modify the size of your breasts, it can help them appear fuller and rounder in a bra. For patients who would like their breasts to be larger or smaller, a breast lift in combination with a breast reduction or augmentation may be an ideal option.

-Uneven or unusually shaped breasts? Because Breast Lift Rockford IL surgery reshapes and lifts the breasts, this procedure is also very effective for addressing uneven breasts. Dr. Hagarty is a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon who can utilize the latest surgical techniques for restoration of rounded, fuller shape that results in symmetrical breasts.

There are a number of incision techniques that your surgeon may utilize for breast lift surgery based upon the breast tissue, amount of excess skin for removal and the patient’s own personal goals. At your private consultation at the Plastic, Reconstructive, Cosmetic & Wellness Clinic, Dr. Hagarty will suggest which type of breast lift would achieve the best results for you.

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