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Botox Benefits are More Than Just Cosmetic

Most people are aware of Botox as a treatment for minimizing wrinkles and fine facial lines. But the benefits of Botox go beyond the surface level. The procedure yields positive results in many other ways too: if you’ve been thinking about Botox Winnebago County IL, call our facility in Rockford to set up a consultation with Dr. Hagarty to learn more above this effective anti-aging treatment. We’ll provide answers to your inquiries and help determine if Botox is right for you.

How Botox Winnebago County IL Works

Botox injections contain an ingredient that is made from a form of bacteria. This ingredient safely “freezes” the facial muscle tissue at the site of the injection. In its initial stages, Botox developed while researchers investigated ways of treating spasms. Eventually, it was found that as movement of facial muscles was limited, the result was smoother skin with fewer facial lines. Additionally, it helped to reduce headaches and control sweating too. Botox does not have any lasting effects from a medical standpoint. The single effect it provides is to limit the movement of muscles in the face and forehead.

Here’s a quick review of some of the benefits to Botox Winnebago County IL

-Reduces facial wrinkles. Botox treatments are essentially a non-surgical approach for rejuvenating the patient’s complexion. Minimally-invasive and convenient, Botox is very effective for smoothing away lines in the face, neck, around the mouth and on the forehead. It also can minimize other common symptoms of aging such as drooping eyebrows.

-Reduces problematic sweating. Sweating excessively is a difficult problem for some women. Though it may be managed to a degree with antiperspirants, those products are usually not as effective in more serious cases. Botox Winnebago County IL, though, helps limit sweating for months at a time.

-Treats chronic headaches. People who suffer from headaches have been found to experience less migraine headaches after receiving injections of Botox. And when a headache does occur, the pain is typically not as bad. Research indicates this beneficial result is because Botox Winnebago County IL serves to block nerves and relax muscles in the face that helps make them less susceptible to pain. The federal U.S. Food & Drug Administration has approved Botox for the treatment of migraines.

-Affordability. Yet another benefit to Botox Winnebago County IL treatment is simply because it’s an economical procedure. While costs will naturally vary based on the patient’s objectives and how many injections they receive, it is among the most affordably priced cosmetic procedures. Our staff can offer details on cost for Botox at your initial consultation.

-Convenience. In the majority of Botox treatments, patients experience the positive results of the injections very soon afterwards. For other patients, it may take a few days. Typically, it takes approximately one week – often less – until the full effects of Botox injections become visible. With respect to the procedure itself, it is rather brief and doesn’t require a recuperation period. Botox Winnebago County IL patients can resume their routine with no delays.

-Botox is minimally-invasive. In comparison to other types of procedures such as a facelift, breast augmentation or a neck lift, Botox is not as invasive yet still delivers excellent results.

Learn more about the benefits of Botox treatments as well as the several other solutions to wrinkles and signs of aging available at the Plastic, Reconstructive, Cosmetic & Wellness Clinic in Rockford.

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